Day before the picnic and the weather is making me nervous……


The sky is pretty Grey right now. Yes that’s right, Grey with a capital G. Yuck. This Summer, it has to be said, has been less than satisfactory thus far. Kiwis all over NZ (I mean the people for any non-New Zealanders reading this) are feeling pretty damn cheated. We had a wet Christmas, and an even wetter New Years. Come on Mother Nature! We want our Summer!!

Growing up by the lake, come early October (and my mothers birthday) we would be swimming daily. Now it’s January already and I’m yet to venture any further than ankle-deep in either lake or ocean. I know the climate is changing and we have things like ‘ozone holes’ and ‘el nino’ to deal with, but come on, we need some kind of summer to help us get through the long, cold and dismal winter!

So, as I have roped a large circle of family members into it, the picnic will be dependant on the weather, which means I need a back up plan. Flicking through the book I’ve decided that if the picnic gets cancelled I will instead choose the activity ‘Get Out the Magnifying Glass‘. I’m fairly sure my husband will have one somewhere in his man cave (i.e. the garage). The book recommends you do this in the safety of your own backyard lest people spot you and think you’ve ‘lost your marbles’. *snigger* Most people who know me fear that happened long ago.

The idea is to study closely flowers, grass and even insects that you might otherwise merely glance over. Apparently the inner workings of flowers in particular are a spectacular sight to see, as the book compares them to anything from temples to underwater coral. Sounds lovely 🙂

So that’s the back up plan. Either way I will have photos, and my thoughts, for you on Sunday.

Enjoy your Friday night everyone! x


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  1. Weather Forecast for Saturady 21 January:

    Rotorua – Morning cloud, then fine. Westerly breeze. High of 23°

    So I think you can rest easy and the picnic will go ahead as planned.


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