Sleeping under the stars


That’s right. This Weekend’s Simple Pleasure is to spend a night in the great outdoors under the biggest nightlight you could find – the starlit sky. No tents, just a groundsheet, airbed, pillows and a sleeping bag.

Apparently this is something my husband has wanted to do for quite some time. This was news to me.

“It’s true” he insisted. “Every night when I take the dog out to do her business, I look up at the sky and marvel at the beautiful and magical sky and dream about sleeping under it. Then I turn around, come back inside, and crawl under the millions of blankets you pile on the bed, suffocate in the heat and barely sleep because of the very un-magical and un-beautiful sound of you snoring beside me”.

Ok so he didn’t say that last bit, but it’s what I imagine he was thinking. His baleful look certainly implied it.

Until the magical day when I win Lotto and can afford my dream house by the seaside, I live in a town practically bursting with cars, houses and streetlights. This, I feel, is probably not the best place for optimal star viewing.

Originally I planned on sleeping on a hill at my parent’s house as they are lucky enough to live in the beautiful countryside. However my husband saw an opportunity. This Sunday is his mother’s birthday. They live about 3 hours away from us. His sister lives smack bang in the middle on a farm, about an hour and a half’s drive for us both. She also, most importantly, has a pool. A big, deep, blue, refreshingly-cold-on-a-hot-summer’s-day, pool.

So, a few desperate and scurried texts from my husband later, we are all off to my sister-in laws for a BBQ to celebrate my mother-in-laws birthday, as many swims as we can fit in, and a night on her lawn.

Obviously there are important things to be taken into consideration. Like, what if I need to pee in the middle of the night? I can’t very well just go on the lawn beside her house can I! Can I? I’m certainly not attempting to climb any fences in the dark to pee in the paddock next door. It’ll end up like that time we were camping and it was pouring with rain and there was no way I was leaving the tent so I peed in a mug and threw it out under the fly, and the next morning I was almost finished my coffee before I realised my hubby had made it in the ‘pee’ mug. And no, he hadn’t rinsed it first because he had no idea I’d peed in it.

Weather forecasts for this weekend have been checked and clouds have been threatened. I’m fairly confident this is a mere matter of positive thinking though, and that if we believe there will be no clouds then we will be fine. There’s also the small matter of some kind of sun explosion causing radiation to bombard the earth. Er, ok…? Is this not something we should be worried about? Apparently it will make beautiful lights in the sky like an aurora. Which makes it all worthwhile then.

So my lovely readers, that is, as they say, The Plan.

I will of course report back, with photos, on how Sleeping Under the Stars goes.

Till then have a wonderful weekend! And I hope some of you are considering trying something a little different this weekend 🙂


About Help Me Help Holly ♥

An aspiring writer and avid traveller. Three books published in 2013 (Charlie and Pearl, When Stars Collide, A Roast on Sunday) All available on Amazon. Just created the blog to raise awareness of the books so I can make a little bit of money to help my husband and I and our beautiful little baby daughter Holly get by :-) And now we have another baby on the way! Due July 2014, so really need to start making a little money from writing! :-) Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Having done this now and again I think that all being well you should be in for a treat (sun explosions permitting of course :-)) Oh yes and as for the other matter – bucket and bush if you know what I mean. :-0

  2. Wow Tammy, you never cease to amaze me lol Im reading your blog at 11.30pm at night and laughed so much i woke one of my boys up. I dont think i would want the world to know about the peemug and wouldve kept that one a secret. But thanks for making my night. You have a sensational way with words. I look forward to hearing about your weekend, Have fun and maybe take an empty water bottle with you xx

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