Edible Nature


This weekend I have decided to unleash my until-now-well-hidden domestic baking goddess, and whip up a frenzy of nature inspired delectable morsels, although I have a very real fear that no one will eat them.

I have decided to let flowers be my inspiration, and will be making:

  • Rose petal jam


Yes, both containing the petals of said flowers.

My hubby doesn’t believe me when I assure him they are edible and thinks I am trying to poison him. I walked past his office before and he was Googling something that looked suspiciously like the National Poisons website or some such but he quickly minimised the window when he knew I was there. Honestly. Where is the trust?

I am fairly confident I will find takers for the lavender cupcakes, because let’s face it; the men in my family are not fussy when it comes to baked goods. As long as it contains flour, sugar and some sort of flavouring (Icing is a welcome bonus) they’re happy.  My purple iced cupcakes should be snapped up.

The rose petal jam I’m not so confident about although I’m working on a theory that it will taste like Turkish Delight chocolates (aren’t they made out of roses or some such?) and my mother and brother are both partial to Turkish delight, so I should be able to offload a jar or two their way.

Oh and also, because I have two buckets kindly donated by one of my lovely followers Yvette, I’ll be making plum jam.


I am looking forward to trying something new and eager to see (and taste) the results.

Now, where did I leave my apron?


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  1. Good luck with all of that – as a manic jam maker and regular baker I know that you’ll have fun. the main thing is to relax and enjoy it. No matter the outcome it’ll be better than anything you can buy just because you made it. Make sure you fill your jars to the top!!!!!

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