My house smells like the inside of a nana’s drawers.


Ok I just realised how that may have sounded. Obviously I mean drawers as in drawers, wooden box like things you store clothes in. Not nana’s knickers. Although, if I guess if that Nana kept her knickers in these drawers then yes, my house does smell like Nana’s knickers.

Confused? Yep, me too. Moving right along…


The flower fairy (aka My Mother) has just bought me some lavender. Personally I’ve never been a huge fan of the purple flower. I’ve always thought of it as an older ladies flower, although asking around the staffroom yesterday I found a few younger fans. However studying the bunch my mother has just given me, tied with a delicate silver and purple bow, I can admit it is rather a pretty little flower. It just has a weird smell, one that I don’t associate with food. Oh well, time will tell and I promise I will honestly let you know what the lavender cupcakes taste like 🙂 Revolting or delicious.

P.S – I just googled Lavender Cupcakes so I could show you a picture of what they should look like, but yikes there’s some pretty fancy looking cupcakes on there. So no, we won’t go down that road. This way you won’t have any expectations 🙂


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An aspiring writer and avid traveller. Three books published in 2013 (Charlie and Pearl, When Stars Collide, A Roast on Sunday) All available on Amazon. Just created the blog to raise awareness of the books so I can make a little bit of money to help my husband and I and our beautiful little baby daughter Holly get by :-) And now we have another baby on the way! Due July 2014, so really need to start making a little money from writing! :-) Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Yes the title of this post did make me do a double take, especially as I knew we were supposed to have a description of cooking 🙂 I have lavender bushes in my garden and do agree with you about the smell although when it is outside and just releases the perfume if you brush it as you pass it is rather nice. Good luck with the backing.

    • It’s quite a potent smell isn’t it? This morning I’m off on a bike ride to source the roses for my rose petal jam. Unfortunately the only ones I have in my garden are cream and not terribly fragrant so I will be pilfering from other gardens (shush – don’t tell anyone) 🙂

  2. I understood what you meant, maybe just because I didn’t realise that drawers means underwear…is that an American thing?

    I’m really curious to know how lavender tastes! Please tell us!!

  3. I have a massive lavender bush in my garden and the best thing about it is that during the summer, it’s absolutely covered in bees. The whole bush moves and buzzes with the volume of bees collecting nectar from it. Otherwise, the dead lavender sticks from the previous years growth work a treat for lighting fires with. As far as the smell goes.. Meh

    • Thanks for the tip! We have an open fire (although the council are making it illegal soon to use them which I’m not happy about grrr…) and I will definitely try using some old lavender sticks to light the fire with 🙂 The bees on the lavender bush sounds pretty cool…you should try and get a picture of it! (if you haven’t already).

  4. smells are powerful things… the perfume I wore on my wedding day can transport me right back to that moment before I walked down the aisle…. the perfume I wore on my honeymoon cruise takes me right back to Jamaica and the Grand Cayman Islands with just one sniff….

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