There’s something wrong with this picture


There's something wrong with this picture

This is the sunset I can see from my house. There are powerlines, trees and other houses in the way! My dream is to live by the coast. Hopefully one day I will be able to post you a sunset photo from there 🙂


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  1. Then again maybe we should just rejoice in the fact that there is electricity and all the other things that make our lives so much more comfortable, I do know what you mean but it is a super picture none the less and the cables add drama, the trees of course are beautiful. I think the worst problem is the light pollution. Yes an uninterrupted view of the ocean – wonderful – Mind you think of the sand in your carpets !!:-)

  2. I love to take pics of sunrises on my way into work. Some days I miss the best pictures because I’m fighting to find the shot without power lines in them. I hope you get your dream of living on the coast. I so want to live near water someday too.

  3. Hey baby, our point and shoot camera did an alright job! Just had to play with the settings. I quite like this shot, it has a real dramatic feel to it, and the powerlines I think add to the scene. x

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