Is my husband mad? Does he not know me at all?

Is my husband mad? Does he not know me at all?

I’ve been mulling over the book the last couple of days, tossing around options for this weekend.

Obviously I must have briefly mentioned some kind of nature walk in between wines the other night because next thing I know hubby is enthusiastically waving printed papers detailing local walk information under my nose.

I humoured him and read them.

Er. How long have we been married again?

The first one was the Kakapo Kaharoa Walk. At dawn. To hear the dawn chorus of Kakapos. At dawn. Yes that’s right, dawn. That time before daytime, when sane people are still asleep. I looked at him over the paper, eyebrows raised incredulously.

“Dawn?” I said. “Really? Have you ever seen me rise before the snooze button has been hit at least three times?”

“I thought the whole point of this project was that you do things you wouldn’t normally do” he said defensively.

Dammit he has a point. The Kaharoa Kakapo walk has not been shelved in the bin therefore. Instead it sits in the maybe pile. On the bottom, but still in the pile.

“We can take a picnic breakfast” he enthused, which I actually quite like the sound of. There are about five other walks to choose from so I’ll let you know in the next day or two which one we choose :- )

The Kakapo - sure he's a cute little fellow but is he cute enough to get out of bed before dawn for?





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  1. I think it’s wonderful that your husband is so supportive and enthusiastic – tell you what the breakfast picnic would be enough and you can always come back later and have an afternoon nap and a bit of afternoon delight !!!!

  2. You made me laugh! I would have the same reaction as you about a nature walk at DAWN 😀 Having a wonderful sense of humor is a lost art form. I look forward to reading more.

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