Ack! Something ate all the Kokako’s!

Ack! Something ate all the Kokako’s!

At least I’m assuming that’s what happened. We certainly didn’t see any. The only trace of bird we saw was this…

We did hear bird calls, but it wasn’t so much a dawn chorus as the occasional spirited solo. And as I can’t tell the difference between the vocal warbling of a Kokako, a Tui or your garden variety Sparrow, it could have been anything.

I’m not going to lie, getting up at 5.00am was a bitch. I was slightly grumpy for a little while then I snapped out of it. The dog was pretty upset at being dragged out of bed as well and kept sighing dramatically from the backseat.

Not impressed. Not. At. All.

Driving out it was still dark but I kept an anxious eye on the sky, scared we wouldn’t get there in time and miss the dawn.  I was just thinking “Oh yes, it’s no problem, still dark. Yes all is good”

when I realised I was looking at the wrong side of the sky.

To the east, the sky was starting to lighten. Cue mass hysteria and wails of “We’re going to miss it!”

It didn’t really matter in the end anyway, as once we arrived and set off down the path we were plunged into total darkness and every horror movie I have ever seen suddenly replayed through my mind. The only way to see the dawn once you were in there would be if you scaled a 30 metre tree.

“No” I told my husband when I saw that look in his eye that meant he was considering it.

Morning sun soon filtered through the trees and we enjoyed a lovely 40 minute walk through the bush down towards the stream and waterfall. Every time we stopped to listen to the birds though our super excited black Labrador would stop beside us and heavy breathe like a little steam train which meant we heard bugger all apart from her panting.

The end of the path is beautiful. It was the perfect place for our picnic breakfast. The water was not that cold but neither of us was keen on a swim. We walked down the stream another kilometre or two, clambering over beautiful moss covered boulders and admiring the scenery.

We never saw another soul. Either everyone else in Rotorua has already done the walk or they’re all in on the same secret. (That the birds don’t actually come out and sing at dawn so you may as well sleep in and meander down in your own sweet time.) Typical. Obviously someone had been there before us though as we found this hanging in a tree

It really was a lovely start to the day. Getting in touch with nature, breathing in the beautiful clear air. Running my hands through cold, clear water. Watching my husband and dog bound about like children at Christmas, sniffing this, touching that, climbing there, jumping over that. And only 20 minutes drive from home.

Afterwards we went and visited my parents and sister at their beautiful house in the country, close to the walk we had just done. We had coffee (I was half asleep again by this stage) and I took some photos around the place to show you.

My parents house

A perfect Saturday morning 🙂

And, while I write this…


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  1. Wonderful pictures, really gorgeous. I love the idea of the dog sighing in the back I really do. I have never been to your part of the world and I am really impressed with the scenery etc.

    Oh by the way my hubby does that every day even when we don’t get up early !!!

    • Thanks! I told her you said that and she’s very chuffed
      It was a great morning. Weird thing is I feel like I’ve had a long weekend or something. Normally the weekends go so quick! I guess it’s because I feel like I accomplished something? 🙂

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