A weekend of small, perfect, pleasures :-)

A weekend of small, perfect, pleasures :-)

Oo-er, that sounds a bit rude doesn’t it?

What I actually meant was that this weekend I have decided to do a few of the smaller pleasures from the book. All of them around home because I’m feeling the need for a weekend…well, around home.

So this weekend I will be:

  • Getting the Magnifying Glass Out and studying a few of the flowers/trees/fruit/insects (But not hideously ugly ones like cockroaches or spiders *shudder*)
  • Paint a Picture. A sunset for my kitchen. I want a pale one, light pinks/purples/blues. The empty canvas has been loitering in the longue for a few weeks now, making me feel guilty every time I catch a glimpse of its pale face. I don’t want it to end up like this Christmas picture I started two Christmases ago and then got sidetracked and never finished it. The white bit is not snow by the way, there’s supposed to be paint there.


Obviously I was going through a ‘blue’ phase as here’s another painting of mine (finished this time)

Also this weekend I will:

  • Take A Sunday Afternoon Walk
  • Bake bread
  • Take a Bath. With candles and a glass of wine and a book. For obvious reasons there won’t be any photos of this activity.

A lovely weekend at home with hubby, the dog and the cat – what’s not to look forward to? 🙂

About Help Me Help Holly ♥

An aspiring writer and avid traveller. Three books published in 2013 (Charlie and Pearl, When Stars Collide, A Roast on Sunday) All available on Amazon. Just created the blog charlieandpearl.wordpress.com to raise awareness of the books so I can make a little bit of money to help my husband and I and our beautiful little baby daughter Holly get by :-) And now we have another baby on the way! Due July 2014, so really need to start making a little money from writing! :-) Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Your artwork catches my eye, especially the Ocean piece. In your post, I noticed that your weekend activities don’t require getting up at the crack of dawn 😉 YEAH! 🙂

  2. Sounds lovely, I look forward to seeing the sunset picture. Don’t discount the spiders though some of them have the loveliest little faces. – Enjoy – Diane

    • Lovely spiders? I’ll have to take your word for it! They terrify me to be honest. Don’t like them 😦
      The other weekend when we slept under the stars at my sister-in-laws, we were all sitting outside on the deck furniture which was covered in cobwebs, and a huge spider crawled up my shoulder which my husband brushed off for me and then squished. So I was on edge, then ten minutes someone said “Oh you have another one on your shoulder” which I wouldn’t have believed but my mother-in-law (who wears glasses) said “Oh you do” so I freaked out, jumped up, ripped my top off over my head and ran behind the trampoline topless. In front of all my in-laws. My husband was laughing so hard he didn’t even get up to bring me my top like a gentleman would, so I had to come out from behind the tramp to get it. Worse thing – it was a bloody plastic spider that my nephews put on my shoulder!!!! I’ve told them they’re getting no christmas or birthday presents this year.

  3. Your paintings are stunning! I think every weekend should include a hot bath, there is no better way to relax especially when there’s ugly, rainy weather. Have fun!

    • Thank you!
      It’s summer here at the moment, but it’s pretty much rained throughout (boo). You’re right about the bath while it’s raining thing. My hubby and I are also planning an outdoor bathing area. We’ve bought an old claw foot bath off the internet, and will make a little cobbled area out the back under a manaka tree, and build a trellis around it. Going to also have shelves for candles/wine etc, and will run a hose from the laundry past the garage so can fill up the bath and then can have outdoor baths! Looking forward to it 🙂

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and leading me to yours. Wowww!!! Your blog concept is truely unique as I haven’t run across anything like it.

    Also the paintings are amazing!!!

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