I spy with my little eye….

I spy with my little eye….

It's a little blurry on purpose so the wrinkles aren't as obvious.

…lots of beautiful things! Wow is all I can say. Mother Nature, I have really slagged you off lately, due to the whole ‘rainy summer’ thing. But after the beautiful pieces of art I’ve just seen I will admit you do some good work.

Hubby finally, after much, much nagging, went through all his piles of crap in the garage and tracked down his childhood microscope. Then, because all men are boys at heart, he used it to channel the sunlight and burn a cork. For no reason other than he could. Tsk.

Once he’d finished doing that and went off to mow the lawns (also after much, much nagging. Don’t get me wrong, I would happily do it myself but I’m not allowed. Apparently I don’t do it properly. Whatever.)

So off I went, around the garden, looking at flowers, leaves, any bugs I could find. Unfortunately the camera doesn’t capture what I see through the microscope, but here’s some of the pics I took just now.

Gorgeous blue hydrangeas

Pink carnations? Sweet williams? something like that

A Pomegranate bud. I can't wait to have the fruit!

Buttercups 🙂

Blueberries. Well they will be when they ripen. Hopefully I can beat the birds to them this year

A funky spring onion flower

A new fern unfurling

An ornamental duck in the garden. Um, no. No those are not weeds surrounding it. Don't be silly.

I also managed to get up close and personal to a few insects (although, alas, no spiders. What a terrible shame. I was really looking forward to it too).

These flies (although they annoy the heck out of me in the house) are actually quite pretty. Really bright, sparkly colours.

This guy was cute

On I searched…

…while hubby worked

A few last pretty pictures for your viewing pleasure

And, because the cat's jealous that the dog has been featured on here quite a bit I promised I would stick a photo of him on this time. He even got all nice and dusty cause he wanted to look 'au naturale'. He's trying hard to look like he's not posing even though it's obvious he is. There's a good kitty.


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  1. …well, well, well…three holes in the ground, nah seriously… when you leave grass rings on the lawn because the catcher has completely and utterly filled up and is overflowing because you hate emptying the catcher then it is not good (your dad will back me up on this one), not good for the lawn and not good for the mower. You have said you would be happy to mow the lawn..true, yes, but only if I emptied the catcher for you, so what is the point? I might as well do it myself. Anyway, like you feel with the bread kneading, I find mowing the lawns to be a good stress release…my mind can wonder and ponder a million different thoughts, it’s great, and I really enjoy it. x

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