My Sunset

My Sunset

So one of the activities I chose for this weekend was to finally paint the canvas I bought for the kitchen, oh about a month ago. I made hubby go to town with me one weekend to get the canvas because I absolutely had to have it that day because I was going to paint it that day. I promised him when he expressed his scepticism.

Then it sat on the floor in the lounge for a week or so, beside the box of paints and brushes I had dragged out from the garage.

Then one day it all just disappeared. Hubby had got sick of it cluttering up the lounge and put the box back in the garage, and the canvas behind a shelf in the corner of the lounge, from where a corner of it still peeped out sadly at me.

Well no more. I have started, and finished, the painting. Ta da! Hope you like it!

The blank canvas. Well, nearly blank. I started then remembered to get a 'before' picture.

The finished painting 🙂


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An aspiring writer and avid traveller. Three books published in 2013 (Charlie and Pearl, When Stars Collide, A Roast on Sunday) All available on Amazon. Just created the blog to raise awareness of the books so I can make a little bit of money to help my husband and I and our beautiful little baby daughter Holly get by :-) And now we have another baby on the way! Due July 2014, so really need to start making a little money from writing! :-) Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Tammy, you are an amazing artist!! You really are a girl of hidden talents, aren’t you? I am loving each blog entry – feel like I’m getting to know you better! Funny that, we move away and I get to know you better!! I find myself wondering what will the next weekend will bring for you – what a great way to keep yourself busy for a year eh? Keep them coming. Emxo

  2. It’s a very nice painting. I like the contrast between the warm colors around the sun and the cool colors elsewhere. I also like to paint the sides black, rather than frame it.

  3. I told you painting the side ‘Piha’ (a colour used in our kitchen) would really compliment the painting and will tie in with the kitchen even more so. A lovely painting which will have a prime spot in our kitchen. When I get round to hanging it of course. It’s on the list…and you know it is quite a big list now. Maybe I can promote it, try score a browny point. Baby, you are indeed very talented…it is quite inspiring. I should really get back into my drawing…also another great way to destress.

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