We’re off to the Seaside!

We’re off to the Seaside!

That’s the plan anyway. It all depends on the weather. Right now outside my window it’s dark grey and gloomy and the rain has been falling steadily all day. Working at a primary school this means big puddles and muddy fields which are, of course, children’s adventure playgrounds. Hence lots of grubby but happy children needing clean underwear and shorts. Sigh

The long range weather forecast for the weekend is looking a little grim but hey, as we all know, weather forecasts are hardly ever right. 

The book suggests we go beachcombing, which I’m guessing means to go and find cool stuff on the beach. That’s what I’ll be doing anyway. I love collecting shells and bits of driftwood (and my husband just loves dragging them all home again and watching them collect dust in the backyard. Not.)

I made this cool little cabinet last year. Bought it for $10 at an op shop. It was a nasty shiny dark brown colour, so I primed it with a smooth surface coater then painted it a pretty shade of cream. I have shells stuck on the front and sides in patterns. On the top I sprayed it with a glue spray and then sprinkled sand all over it and sprayed it again with the glue. Then I hot glued some shells on the top in a pretty koru design and hey presto! A cute little beachy cabinet. At the moment it’s in my dining/kitchen area with a little fern and a few treasured beach collections.

I’ve enticed hubby to the beach with the promise of some fishing, although this is a little bit of a sore subject with him, on account of catching bugger all over the last few years. At one point he even seriously started to believe there were no fish left in the sea whatsoever.

Luckily at Christmas he caught one. It was only teensy but it swallowed the whole bait/hook setup so they only way to get the hook back out again unfortunately killed it. Then I caught a fish and it was ten times as big! Ok maybe three times. But still much, much bigger.

There is some debate over who gets the credit for this catch to as I was holding my hubby’s rod at the time.  I had to because he was casting baiting and casting mine. I can cast, but it only flies out about two metres and then plops into the sea. He can cast the line hundreds of meters so it makes sense for him to do it right? And seeing he’s doing that, he may as well bait the line as well. He huffs sometimes that he spends all his time baiting and casting while I get to stand there doing the fun part, the fishing. Whatever.

All I know is that I did all the hard work getting the monster fish out of the ocean. My arm muscles (or lack thereof) were in agony trying to reel it in, so in the end I walked backwards way up into the sand dunes and dragged it out of the water. As soon as it was flapping on the beach I started yelling down to hubby to “hurry up and grab it before it manages to swim away again”, but he just stood there, embarrassed, shaking his head and saying “Please come down out of the sand dunes.”

Elated but clearly exhausted from my mammoth catch

Our fish - guess which one is mine 😉

So fingers crossed for some good weather this weekend! 🙂


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An aspiring writer and avid traveller. Three books published in 2013 (Charlie and Pearl, When Stars Collide, A Roast on Sunday) All available on Amazon. Just created the blog charlieandpearl.wordpress.com to raise awareness of the books so I can make a little bit of money to help my husband and I and our beautiful little baby daughter Holly get by :-) And now we have another baby on the way! Due July 2014, so really need to start making a little money from writing! :-) Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Tell your husband good luck and try do ur bait and cast first b4 u get into an argument+ i like the cabinet especially the shells on the top

  2. Although I do of course wish you good weather I would say don’t be put off if it’s not perfect. A beach in the wind and rain can be fantastic as I am sure you already know and a picnic of hot soup from a flask with hunks of bread to dip while hiding in a sheltered corner is a wonderful memory – love the beach cabinet – Diane

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