We have fish for tea!

We have fish for tea!

That’s the good news. The not-so-good news is that it comes from a packet we bought at the supermarket on the way home from the beach.

Blue Moki fillets - Mmm yum

Hubby tried to catch one, he really did. And there were definitely fish out there in the gorgeously blue ocean because the cheeky little guys had a real feast on the bait. They were just too clever to eat the hook.

Might have had better luck catching the gull flying past...

Despite the fishing though, or lack thereof, we had a fantastic day. On days like today I’m reminded of why I love living in New Zealand. By god it’s beautiful. We set out this fine mid morning (ok, midday by the time we turned around to get the hats we’d forgotten,) with a super excited dog

Happy doggy

And arrived home just now (around 6.30pm) with a very, very, tired dog.

Sleepy doggy

She’s tired mostly because she spent half the day on lifeguard duty. Every time hubby went out into the waves she got really worried, pouncing from foot to foot, keeping an anxious eye on him and if he went under or disappeared behind a wave she was off! Like some Baywatch bikini babe in her red collar, jumping through the waves and paddling out to find him. Trouble is as soon as she got out of her depth she ended up getting pounded by the waves herself so hubby spent a lot of the time bringing her back into shore.

Keeping an anxious eye on her father

She was rewarded for her efforts with a few biscuits. I just had to share this cute shot with you of her sand covered chin. She got all grubby from trying to eat the crumbs hubby dropped!

The weather was beautiful. Some clouds but mostly sunny and warm. And yes, I am, as always, a little sunburnt. Dammit.

I have come home with two shopping bags full of treasures; one full of small driftwood pieces and the other full of shells. Oh and a big hunk of cool wood with little dried out baby mussel shells growing out of hundreds of holes. Hubby is quite worried about where I am going to put this. I have yet to decide. I saw lots of other little marvels on the beach, a couple of photos are at the bottom of this post for those who want to see them. I even had a play with a metal detector that a friend at work, Andrea, let me borrow. I didn’t find anything though.

My most treasured find today, believe it or not, was this plastic yellow pine cone. It was matted in a bundle of debris that on closer inspection turned out to be part of a Christmas tree. Faded and with little shells and fishing wire. I managed to untangle the pinecone and I couldn’t help but wonder, where in the world had this little bundle washed up from? Which country?

So from now on, every Christmas, I will hang this little yellow pinecone on my own tree and smile as I remember this beautiful day, and I will wish the original owner, wherever they are, a very Merry Christmas too.

Part of a Christmas tree washed up

The little yellow plastic pinecone

Knotted up fishing line around some driftwood


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  1. What a super post – thanks for letting us share what seems to have been a wonderful day. Your doggy is becoming quite the internet star I think. Fantastic – I hope you enjoyed the fish !!!

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