Let’s feed the birds!

Let’s feed the birds!

Flicking through the book just now this idea jumped out at me, bringing back memories of my mother cooking up mixtures of oats and lard (note: memory frequently unreliable or not paying attention – must check this recipe with her) and serving it warm on bird feeding plates perched on posts. I remember the satisfaction and delight my mother got watching them dine and knowing she had helped starved off the chill and hunger for our little feathery friends.

Now it’s not quite Winter yet, in fact it’s late Summer (and I use the term very, very loosely given the bloody weeks of rain and arctic temperatures we’ve had) cusp of Autumn, but bird feeding is something that can be done year round. Me being me, I’ve decided that a plate on a post is all very well and good, but I’m fairly sure I’ve seen some gorgeously cute little bird house/feeders at a garden centre recently that look like, well, little houses. Did I mention they were cute? The whole idea of this project is not to spend a lot of money on any one activity, but a bird house/feeder (a cute one) is something will last for years and years and give us lots of wonderful pleasure. Still, I’ve set a very modest budget and will see what I can get. I will of course post pictures for you everyone 🙂

While I am slightly reluctant to feed The Bird Who Likes to Sing Outside Our Bedroom Window at five each morning , or the one who likes to mimic noises and makes telephone ringing chirrups on weekend mornings until I eventually get up because I think it really is the phone ringing, (he also has car alarm deactivators down pat – so I keep thinking someone has un-alarmed the car), I know that I cannot be choosy. So all birds will be welcome.

I’ve just announced the plan to hubby and he has expressed his concerns, chiefly that by attracting more birds to our garden we will expose them to the monster that is our Cat and that he will eat them all. Considering he sleeps for roughly 23 out of every 24 hours I find that a bit unlikely and told hubby so. Proud Cat father that he is, he found this insulting. “You often see piles of feathers lying around the backyard” he protested, “from all the bird massacres”.

“I think you’ll find that the odd one or two feathers we actually get have fallen off from birds flying over” I said.

So right now he’s sulking in the spare room, rubbing his big strong wittle kitty’s chin and telling him how tough and brave and fierce he is. I’ve left them to it.

Does anyone else have bird feeders or recipe tips for me? The book says some birds like live mealworms, but that’s just not going to happen.

Below are some pictures I’ve found of funky bird feeders. Have a great week everyone!


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  1. I remember them doing something like that on Blue Peter when I was a kid 😉

    My nan always used to put out bacon fat (well, rind, back in the days when bacon had it!) She’d fry it til it was crisp and chop it up into little bits, the birds loved it 😉


  2. I am totally committed to feeding the little guys. We have hanging feeders in a big cherry tree and a little house shaped one on the patio. I loved the picture of the one that looks as though it’s an old cuckoo clock. Have you thought of looking round the thrift shops for an old dolls house and adapting it. That could be fun. I put out bacon rind and bits of pastry trimmings and so on.

    On a similar note – the geese came back last night. It was a magnificent evening with the sky shading down from indigo to crimson and the trees great black silhouettes against the dipping sun, and then they came, hundreds and hundreds of them sweeping in ribbons across the sky. Their cries were chiming out telling us they were here. Two stars hung like diamonds in the branches of the tree nearest to the house and then as if it wasn’t magic enough a satellite sailed over glowing above it all. I was totally blow away by it.

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  5. Neat bird feeders. I confess. I feed the birds too. In the spring and summer I put out hummingbird feeders for the little hummers. The rest of the year I use bird seeds for whichever birds happen by. We have two cats that like to sit under the feeders, waiting. I try to keep them inside when the birds are eating. Enjoyed your article. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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