Bird Feeder/Dog Tempter/Cat Entertainer

Bird Feeder/Dog Tempter/Cat Entertainer

I have a wonderful new bird feeder. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, it is yet to be dined in.

We spent some time yesterday going around garden centres, pet shops and second hand shops. We actually found a really adorable bird feeder at one second hand shop but the rip off merchants wanted $45 for it, way over the budget I’d set myself. In the same shop there was also a pink and green and flowered doll house, four times the size as the bird feeder and for only $30 that I thought would also do the job nicely (thanks to the tip from Diane) but hubby wasn’t keen on the, as he termed it, ‘monstrosity’ featuring in our backyard.

We saw lots of plastic ones and even one made out of a coconut (made in Malaysia and quite cute, but I was worried how it would weather), however in the end we found this perfect little wooden one.

Now I know this is my project but, although I am allowed to do crafty things, when it comes to anything that remotely smacks of building/interior decorating, I am considered unreliable as I tend to take shortcuts and just bung it all together hoping for the best. When we recently re-painted the kitchen I was fired after painting only one side of the pantry door, even though it was my idea and I (mostly) picked out the colours. Hubby is a perfectionist and if a job wasn’t done by him then it just wasn’t done properly.

So today hubby sawed a post down to size, painted it, buried it miles into the ground and screwed my pretty little bird feeder to the top. Then I was allowed to take over. I microwaved some beef dripping (under the dogs supervision) and mushed it all up with some bird seed I’d bought. Hmm, tasty.

I spooned it into the house and waited, camera ready, for the hordes to come.

And waited…

…and waited

and waited some more.

Then I had the bright idea of laying a trail of bread on the lawn beside the bird feeder and even on the roof of the little house thinking that if they came for that surely they would find the food inside, but no. They did not.

So, a few hours later as I write this, I am yet to see a bird eat from my bird feeder. I have seen plenty of our little feathery friends eat the bread off the lawn, and I have spent a lot of time dragging the dog back inside who can smell the beef dripping and desperately wants it.

The dog is at the bottom of the picture, she's been staring longingly at the bird feeder most of the afternoon as she can smell the beef dripping

But between her and the cat who keeps hiding in the fern beside the bird feeder and chasing the birds away I despair of ever feeling the happy pleasure of watching the birds eat something I’ve prepared for them.

You can see the cat, (black blob) and his yellow eye glaring out from the fern on the left

Still, I’ll persist. And if I ever manage to get a photo of one of them eating out of it I will certainly post it on here and let you know!


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  1. it takes them a while – for some reason they assume that anything new is booby trapped and will result in instant death. Be patient they’ll come – Mind you that little black blob isn’t going to help 🙂 I have found that simple seed is the most popular because they can grab it and fly away to eat it in safety on the top of a tree nearby. Your feeder is the same style as mine but looks very well erected, ours stands on the patio and has to have a big rock on the base to stop it from falling over. Looking forward to your feathery pictures in the fullness of time. They’ll send a scout out first I’ll bet.

  2. Love the photos and captions Tammy 🙂 You could always extend the bird feeder so it’s out of whiskers way and maybe adapt the recipe as the comment above suggests so it no longer becomes a doggy tempter.

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