Anyone receive their NZ postcard in the mail yet?


It’s been what, 3 or 4 weeks? I’m curious to see if anyone has theirs yet. Don’t forget to let me know



P.S. SHOCKING mail service if you guys haven’t. No wonder people on holiday get home before their postcards do.


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  1. Hi – Yes, sorry it arrived last Saturday. I was thrilled, my husband was a little puzzled 🙂 It is lovely and is here on my desk as I type. It’s in very good condition when you consider how far it has travelled! I was intrigued by the little stickers for Brunei Darussalam. Thank you so much, how lovely to have a hard copy item that you have handled.

  2. Yeah! My niece and nephews FINALLY got their postcard late last week. It sure had a long way to travel, and it took its time. Thanks so much for sending it along. My sis said they enjoyed receiving the mail and found NZ on a map after reading it.

  3. We got the postcard (I’m so sorry it’s taken so long for me to respond…a crazy Spring!) and the little girls were very excited to look at the globe to see where it came from. Thank you so much for sending!!!

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