Er, last Sunday I found some fungi growing on my….


…mothers lawn.

Where did you think I was going to say?

It was a beautiful Autumn day. After Summer this is definitely my favourite season. I love the weather (lately even better than summer) and the colours. Not just the leaves, although they are stunning. The light changes in Autumn, becomes muter, like through a filter. You can smell the smell of woodsmoke in the air, and we’ve even had a few early morning fogs, cloaking the town in a mysterious shroud.

We headed out to mum and dads to see if we could find some mushrooms, although I wasn’t too hopeful as we haven’t had any rain lately. I have fond memories of picking mushrooms in the paddocks in front of my parents house and dad cooking them up in a pot, adding a few ingredients to make a thick, delicious sauce.

The sun was just starting to set so we had to search quickly. As feared we found no mushrooms, although we found a few of their cousins. Obviously I wouldn’t have a clue if they are edible so we left them where we found them. Saw a few other lovely things out there, like yummy feijoas, not quite ripe yet. It’s a race every year to beat the possums to them! They wiped out a lot of the other fruit last summer, greedy little furry buggers.

I might try again in a few weeks when the weather is a little damper, see if we have better luck then. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these photos šŸ™‚

Feijoa's - yummy!

The beautiful Autumn light

Baby pinecones - so cute

Possibly crabapples?

I was closely watched by this guy....

and his friends next door

My favourite garden ornament - a plaque that says 'On this site in 1875....Nothing Happened'.


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  1. Lovely pictures and yes I do agree, autumn is very special indeed. We have lots of mushrooms in our woods but we are very hesitant because of ignorance. Fortunately we have a lovely neighbour who knows what she’s doing. Mind you it puts her in a pretty good position if we ever upset her!!!! “Oh yes eat these – tee heee”

  2. Great shots! Love the pics of the sheep and the plaque…your captions are funny – ah, sarcasm šŸ˜‰

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