The case of the disappearing loaf, an Eclipse and the bloody ]]]] key

The case of the disappearing loaf, an Eclipse and the bloody ]]]] key

Sorry for the delay in posting folks. I’ve had technical issues, namely the ] key on my laptop somehow got stuck and I couldn’t log into anything because this would just keep appearing faster than I could type any log in details ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]Very, very annoying. Tears of frustration have been shed and the hubby has been yelled at for not fixing the problem when it first started happening intermittently a few weeks ago. Ok ok, I know it’s not his fault and yes I have apologised profusely for taking it out on him. Pregnancy hormones can be a bitch.

Especially when the IT guy he consulted said the problem is commonly caused by ‘liquid on the keyboard’, and I vaguely remember sneezing coffee out my nose awhile back while typing (gross I know). I haven’t, however, confessed this to hubby.

Hubby bought a new keyboard off Trademe and installed it yesterday and viola, I’m back in business 🙂

Right. Anywho. So last weekend was definitely a wonderful one. How could it not be when we had an extra day on account of Queen’s Birthday? Three day weekends are simply LOVELY.

In a fit of domesticity I decided to bake. As this is an infrequent occurrence ingredients were limited, but in the end I discovered a recipe for Golden Syrup Sultana loaf that I had everything I needed for.

Everything went well; it was delicious and much appreciated by hubby and my dad who stopped in for a piece while out cutting down trees for the day. But then it happened. I went outside to wave them off and when I came back in, the loaf was gone. Vanished. The cutting board was there, the knife, the tub of margarine…all present. But no loaf.

I checked everywhere. I thought maybe one of the guys had played a trick and hidden it, although I failed to see the funny side. But nope, it was nowhere to be found. Then I noticed the guilty look on the dogs face. I chased her out the backyard and sniffed her breath. Golden Syrup. In case there was any doubt I noticed crumbs on her chin.

Let’s just say she has royally been in the dog house ever since. Bad dog.

 On Monday we went out to Lake Okareka for a late afternoon drive and so that the Bad Dog could have a swim. We had a little swing on the playground which was fun. Can’t remember the last time I did that! The view was stunning, and as we were leaving I started thinking ‘Oh, someone’s turned some lights on somewhere’, but then I realised the moon had come over the top of Mount Tarawera and wow was it a moon. A Fat, yellow, stunning ball in the sky. Like a Christmas decoration.  I found out later there was an eclipse that night. These photos don’t do it justice sorry, but it’s the best I could with the camera I had at the time.

The Bad Dog on the way to the lake

The nutty Bad Dog once she realised where we were going

Rather her than me


The gorgeous moon over Mt Tarawera, which erupted sometime in the 1800’s and buried the Pink and White terraces. The eruption was seen as far away as China






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