A truly Wonderful Weekend


Even though most weekends my husband and I are home together, I don’t really see him. He’s an active guy who can’t sit still (unless he’s eating), so from the moment breakfast is finished he’s out the door to weed/mow/saw/build/tidy/paint/fix something. He surfaces briefly at lunchtime, but other than that I don’t really see him again until after the sun’s gone down.

I don’t mind, I knew what I was getting in for when I married him. But sometimes, just sometimes, I crave his company.

Yesterday was one of those days. I’ve learnt from experience that he needs several days warning in advance, so I broached the idea earlier in the week of spending an entire day together and received approval to plan something. Yesterday was also the 20 week mark in the pregnancy – we’re half way there! So I had an extra reason to want to spend some time together.

We didn’t do anything extraordinary at all, just a simple but lovely day. Starting with a sleep in followed by a late breakfast. Then we headed out to the local Farmers Market. It was a gorgeous day but FREEZING, so we rugged up warmly. I had fun perusing the vegetable stalls and inhaling all the delicious smells from the food stalls. There was the added bonus of a book sale at the old Kuirau Park train building where I found a couple of cool travel books for $1 each.

The book sale

Yummy food stalls selling everything from Whitebait fritters to Asian kebab

Kuirau Parl is a thermal area containing bubbling mud and hot steaming pools

After that we headed to town and wandered the shops for a few hours. I bought a book (of course. A trip to town is not complete without one) and we got hubby some new work pants and warm gloves. We also scared ourselves silly checking out a baby shop and not knowing what half the stuff is for. Eek.

For lunch we went to our favourite little local Thai restaurant, Herbs and Spices, where we had delicious stir fried noodles with a yummy sauce and vegetables.

hmm yummy

To top the whole day off we headed to the lakefront and walked along the shore, checking out the circus and the new ice rink on the village green. It looked fun but I know from experience I would spend more time on my butt then my feet.

The Lakeland Queen, a paddle boat

The circus is in town!

The temporary ice rink erected at the village green

We stayed to watch the sunset to top off the perfect day, and I made a wish upon the first star.

Wishing upon the first star

I came home tired and with a sore back (extra belly weight), but extremely happy and content 🙂