Shit! The Dog’s constipated!


The constipated dog. Yep that’s right. Before I share all the delights of that particular experience with you (sensitive readers may want to skip that bit), let me fill you in on the rest of the weekend.

All in all, it’s been pretty bloody good. Apart from the weather of course, that was as crap as usual. Winter, bleh.

I know one of the reasons of this blog was to get away from the slavery of housework, which I used to ‘waste’ the better part of Saturday’s doing, but I guess as part of the whole pregnancy nesting thing it was all I wanted to do yesterday. I actually had a craving for a sparkling clean house.

Don’t get me wrong, obviously I still do housework; otherwise my house would be an absolute tip. But I somehow have been keeping it clean without wasting too much time and energy doing it. Yesterday I went nuts, cleaning everything from the skirting boards to the grimy little vents on top of the range-hood. I have to admit it’s very satisfying now, Sunday evening with the fire going, to sit here and admire my beautiful clean house.

Phew – spring clean over, even if officially it’s not spring yet. Although tell that to the flowers and the lambs popping up everywhere. Sunny daffodils and gorgeously scented Daphne and hyacinths. I’ve put bunches pilfered from my mother’s garden around the place and it smells heavenly. Hmmm.

I also started another furniture project, painting up a three shelf little cabinet from the cheap brown wood look I paid twenty bucks for, to a pretty cream one. I haven’t decided yet whether I’m going to paint little pictures on it but I’m fairly sure I will. Here’s one I did at the start of the year when we painted our kitchen in beach theme colours. Pretty huh?

It was brown as well, I painted it cream (using a smooth surface sealant first), then I stencilled little pictures on the side and painted them the same colours we’d painted the kitchen. Which reminds me, have I told you about our pantry yet? To my delight (and hubby’s horror), I discovered you can buy blackboard paint in just about any colour. From pink to orange to lime green or smoky grey, whatever you fancy, you can buy it. To hubby’s relief I went for an ocean green and hubby painted the pantry doors (I’m not to be trusted with proper house DIY’s remember, my efforts are referred to as ‘rustic’ or more often ‘half assed’). Now we write each other little notes or appointment reminders and play games of Hangman and noughts and crosses on the doors. Its fabulous fun and I recommend it 🙂

So today I applied the cream coats of paint to the shelf, but was not allowed to proceed further because hubby said I “have to allow it to dry properly like the freakin tin says’. According to him they put instructions on the side for a reason, not just as a general guideline. Who’d have known.

So the rest will have to wait until next weekend. I suppose it gives me more time to decide what I’m going to decorate it with.  Update next week 🙂

If you like nautical crafts or furniture I recommend this website Completely Coastal

I also baked some easy peesy savoury muffins, recipe here yummy muffins For my extra ingredients I added sliced black olives, corn kernels and grated cheese. Yumo.

Warning – the following may offend sensitive readers. It is what some people may refer to as ‘Too Much Information’.

So don’t read it then complain to me – you have been sufficiently warned!

The dog.

My husband, in his infinite wisdom, gave her the bone from a pork roast yesterday, even though he knows from past experience this usually results in said bones being vomited up all over the rug during the night. It was with some trepidation I ventured into the lounge this morning, however was happy to find the rug unscathed.

Lunchtime the dog started panting weirdly. I told hubby I thought something was not quite right and his nonchalant reply was that “yeah, she’s constipated. Been walking around like a bow-legged cowboy all morning”

Naturally I overreacted, visions of bone fragments tearing her poor little tummy apart. I jumped on Dr Google whose recommendations were milk (natural laxative for dogs), plenty of water and exercise, and to seek a vet if the dog started vomiting blood or the problem persisted more than a day.

A bowl of milk later (oops – forgot to tell hubby website said 6 tablespoon), and some fervent pacing around the backyard, during which hubby sprayed copious amounts of hose water down her mouth, and she was no closer to doing ‘The Business’. Not from lack of trying, the poor girl hunched and squeezed and whimpered and cried but it wouldn’t come out. We could see it pop out a little – but then it would go back in.

“Why would you give her bones! Why!” I wailed to hubby.

“Because she’s a dog!” he wailed back, “eating bones is what dogs do!”

“Not our dog! She’s special!” I reminded him, “or as my mother pronounces it, special”

Some further dark looks from me and he headed to the bathroom to find some rubber gloves to see if he could, ahem, assist her with The Business, but every time he went near her bottom with his rubber gloved hands she clenched tight.

Finally we decided to head to the park, as hubby remembered that a brisk swim often resulted in…well, a result.

And here we had success. If you happened to be in Rotorua at the park yesterday you may have seen us; we were the ones who, every time our dog hunched over to try and poop, started clapping madly and calling out “Yes! Good girl! well done! Clever Dog!” We ran/walked for kilometres, and she swam in the freezing creek fetching sticks and lost balls, until finally, she was running along and with a massive yelp out popped the culprit.

I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet as it was a pretty big bone and as I write this she is lying in front of the fire farting and it smells awful, but hopefully the worst is over. Although the milk laxative thing may come back to bite us on the ass, considering the quantity she had. Gulp.


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  1. A great post, I look forward to finding out what you do with the little cabinet. I’ve tried doing things like that in the past but never with the success that you have.

    Dog – erm you shouldn’t give dog’s cooked bones – I know it’s a bit late to tell you that and hopefully all is sorted out by now but no chicken bones of any sort and only a great big marrow bone to chew on the end of. I know we all think like your husband – Dogs eat bones but actually they don’t, they gnaw at the ends but generally no they shouldn’t eat them, sharp bit and all that. Hope she’s okay now.

    • Thanks Diane, I was pretty worried I can tell you! I’ve made hubby promise to NEVER give her bones again, even though he’s promised that before. He grew up with farm dogs who ate barbed wire and slept on frosty muddy ground and were generally a lot tougher than our delicate little precious pup, who has her own armchair.
      This morning she was still a ittle quiet and didn’t jump up to go toilet as soon as we got up, but she did eat her breakfast and I think she passed a small bowel movement. Hubby will check up on her at lunchtime and we’ll decide whether she needs to go to the vet or not. Hopefully not, the last visit cost us $700!!

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