Apologies, I’ve neglected this blog terribly lately 😦 I have some great news, and some sad news.

Weekends have been busier and packed with social occasions, like my baby shower (a fabulous day with wonderful friends and spoilt with pressies), hubby’s birthday, my nephews 4th birthday party, and a few other things.

Spring is well and truly here and there is an air of expectation. I feel excited, sensing the arrival of some of my favourite holidays, (Halloween, November 5th, Christmas). I just love this time of the year!

Of course my pregnancy is progressing. I am now 33 weeks with only 7 to go! Am starting to feel more exhausted and awkward this trimester, and looking forward to finishing work although still have a few weeks to go. There’s been a few little issues but nothing major, and we are under the care of a specialist (because of our history) as well as our midwife so are being closely monitored. We have started our antenatal classes as well, learning in more detail about things like labour and birth (eek!) etc.

Some sad news – If you’ve read the ‘About the Wonderful Weekends project’ page, you will remember that one of the reasons I started this blog was because last year two friends had cancer, one survived, the other didn’t. Well now I’m devastated to report that my wonderful surviving friend’s cancer has come back, and she is once more fighting a courageous battle against this asshole of a disease. It’s not fair, it’s really not. She is incredibly brave, vivacious and a positive person, with a young family, and I know that she will give this thing everything she’s got.

It has had the effect of inspiring me to fufill a dream though, and I have for the last few weeks been spending any spare time editing and re-writing the book I wrote last year, Charlie and Pearl. Once I’ve done that (hopefully within the next couple of weeks) I will publish it on Amazon Kindle. I’ll let you know when it’s up.

So that’s why I’ve been a bit slack, and I do apologise. I hope to start posting again more regularly. We did finish decorating the little shelf I posted about last, although I still think it is missing something. Perhaps a little bit of pale blue paint around the edges?…not sure. But here’s a couple of photos of how it is now, and a few other photos of baby bump and some new food I’ve tried out.

Take care everyone and tell your loved ones you love them ♥

We printed some old natuical style maps and cool pictures of boats and spray glued them to the shelves I painted cream

The other weekend I made a pizza from scratch, using a pizza scone base. The cupboards were pretty bare but it made use of ingrediants we did have, including tinned tomatoes and tuna. I caramalised onions and corgettes in balsamic and sugar – yum.

My bump 🙂

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  1. Really sorry to hear about your friend, It is so very unfair isn’t it but I have a friend who has fought this thing over and over and the only thing is to keep hoping and think good thoughts and make the most of every day.

    Great news about Charlie and Pearl!!

    Loving the very impressive bump!!! The last weeks can be hard and uncomfortable but if you can you should try and enjoy them they are very special in their own way. Mind you when the baby won’t go to sleep for the sixth night running and is wriggling so much the bed is moving and you’ve got indigestion and you still have to work tomorrow I’m not sure how special it feels !!!!!

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