Book Review: Charlie and Pearl by Tammy Robinson


Tiffany Branam has reviewed Charlie and Pearl and I have to say I am over the moon with her review 🙂 Check it out at this link or read it below 🙂

Book Review: Charlie and Pearl by Tammy Robinson.

Book Review: Charlie and Pearl

Charlie and Pearl, written by Tammy Robinson, follows the journey of two young adults trying to figure out how they fit into each other’s lives. If you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be in love for the first or second time, this novel will remind you with all of it’s ups, downs and cringe-worthy moments. You will fall in love with these characters as the story unfolds, or perhaps immediately.

Robinson supplies vivid imagery that will transport you to a small beach town in New Zealand, where Pearl retreats to her Grandmother’s vacation home to be alone. As soon as Charlie lays his eyes on Pearl, he is determined to pursue her whether or not she welcomes it.

Charlie and Pearl are likable and relatable characters for very different reasons. Charlie is an easy going, somewhat sensitive, soft-hearted guy, that seems to love Pearl unconditionally. Pearl is soft centered and rough around the edges, with some heavy baggage. The narrative switches back and forth between the two characters, allowing for insight into each. Robinson created lively, flawed, multi-dimensional characters that take the reader along on their roller coaster romance.

This story is both emotionally moving and comical when you least expect it, and has something in store for those of you that relish a good plot twist. Their journey brings to the forefront the moments we treasure in life, as well as some of the things we hate about the cards that are dealt. Charlie and Pearl will wrap you up in an heartwarming cocoon, investing you in the outcome. Get your handkerchief ready and enjoy this beautifully human novel.

This reviewer is left anticipating Robinson’s next novel, as well as wondering why a smart publisher didn’t scoop up this gem.


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