I farewelled a beautiful friend this week


Her name was Kathryn, and she was the most kind, caring, vivacious, funny, positive, inspiring, caring, talented woman I have ever met. She was a huge support to me over the years, both through my writing and also my fertility issues. Those of you who have read the ‘About’ page of this blog when I started it a year ago will realise she was the friend I talked about who survived her brush with cancer. Well last year it came back, and this time she wasn’t so lucky. She leaves behind her husband and an eight year old daughter.

You can read about her here Teachers-death-rocks-local-primary-school

I am so, so sad she is gone 😦

It’s made me really think about life again. Originally when I started this blog it was just to be for the year. Of course when I started it I didn’t know I was going to get pregnant a month later (dream finally come true!) so I didn’t as have much energy to devote to this as I had hoped. I had a blast doing the things I did though, and I really do feel like I reclaimed some of life’s little pleasures, whether it was making jam, going for bike rides, sleeping under the stars or studying the flowers in the back garden with a microscope.

In honour of Kathryn, I’m going to carry it on for this year. Of course I now have a 15 week old baby daughter, who is VERY time demanding, and already quite the little dramatic personality (we are going to be in soooooooooo much trouble as she gets older).  So I’m going to go into it a little easier on myself this year and not have the pressure of doing something every weekend, although I will certainly try as much as possible.

I’m also working hard at selling and promoting my book, Charlie and Pearl, available on Amazon here Charlie and Pearl. You can find out more about that journey at this blog

Thanks for sticking round guys, and here’s to another fun year 🙂 I leave you with a recent sunset, humbling in its beauty.




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    • Thank you Lisa, she was amazing that’s for sure. Always bright happy and positive. I’ve never met another person like her x

  1. I am truly sorry for your loss and for the family and community who have lost such a valuable human being. What a bright and shiny person she seemed to be. I am sure she will be very sadly missed but also remembered with great joy and love. Hugs – Diane x

    • Thanks Diane. She was certianly bright adn shiny and wonderful. At her funeral we all wore bright clothes, she had a red coffin with gorgeous bright gerbras on. It was held at the redwoods forest under a shade sail and was a beautiful sunny day. A perfect send off for her. x

  2. I lost my best friend, then 30, nearly 16 years ago to cancer. I still miss him but the memories I have of him — and the impact he had on me as a friend — are always with me. Without a doubt, Kathryn’s influence and friendship will continue through the countless moments you will encounter her in your thoughts and heart in the years ahead.

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