Fun in the kitchen :-)


I sat down the other day to read through the book again, something I hadn’t done in the last few months (since the arrival of the gorgeous little life force that is Holly in our lives), and I was amazed to realise that some of the things that I tried for the first time last year as part of this blog, I now do frequently as just a normal part of my life. And that realisation delighted me. That, if nothing else, this blog broadened my horizons and led to me doing simple things such as enjoying the sunset, baking bread and beachcombing. These kinds of activities are now just an everyday part of my life, rather than a special occasion. But this doesn’t mean that I now take them for granted because I don’t. Not at all. I still appreciate every single moment of the sunset, a chance to reflect on the day and recharge my soul.

We’ve grown a lot of our own produce this summer. I must admit (because he will read this and call me out if I lie about it dammit) that hubby still does the majority (ok, all) of the work in the garden. But I get to enjoy the fruits of his labour! we’ve had potatoes, corn, the sweetest cherry tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, celery, lettuce, pumpkin…and probably other stuff I’m forgetting. I do have plans to start my own little raised gardens near the house (after hubby builds them) and I would like to grow lots of vegies to sustain us through Winter, especially important now that we are down to one income.

And baking bread, well that’s just fun and so easy! But it’s something I once would never have attempted. In fact my neighbour expressed huge surprise when she asked me for a walk the other day and I couldn’t as I was in the middle of waiting for my dough to rise. She thought baking bread was a difficult and time consuming task but it’s actually really rewarding, and kneading dough is hugely satisfying. It’s a great time to just let your thoughts drift. I made rosemary bread this time, and we ate it with tomato soup on Sunday night and it was delicious hmm….

Here’s a before and after shot of the loaves

IMG_1408      IMG_1417

I’m also working on a new art/craft project. It’s difficult to explain at this point what the finished project will look like (at least in my head!) so you’ll just have to bear with me as I slowly reveal it, but here’s how it’s going so far..

IMG_1397    IMG_1400  IMG_1406

IMG_1411   IMG_1413

Oh and I made a cake the other day! Only the second one I’ve ever made 🙂 First one was a total disaster and only fit for the dog’s consumption, but this one was much better. Banana and I threw a few blueberries from the garden in. Yum!


My cake – I’m so proud!

And last but not least, my much longed for little baby girl is now nearly 4 and a half months old already. We’ve just started her on some solids (if you can call pureed fruits and vege ‘solid’) and she is loving them. Here’s a pic of us ♥


The love of my life ♥




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  1. What a wonderful life affirming post. Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous of course. We try to grow some of our own produce and make preserves from any gluts. We also make our own bread and have done for ages, it is surprising how these things become just part of what you do and of course it means we make our own pizzas, in fact we are in the middle of that right now as we are expecting visitors this evening. Congratulations on your cake I hope it tastes as wonderful as it looks. I look forward to watching your craft project develop.

    • Thanks Diane 🙂 Good idea to make preserves, that’s something I should look into. Any good cherry tomato ideas? We have an abundance of them! I pick the ripe ones every day and the next day there’s more! Very sweet and delicious 🙂 I found a recipe last year for a wholemeal scone base for pizze which I often make, and load it up with vegetables and some tuna or salami. The scone base ends up quite thick, but still yum. What sort of base do you make? Hope you had fun with your visitors x

      • We make a bread base for the pizza and roll it thinly. The excess cherry tomatoes I cook down with garlic and basil and oregano and make pizza sauce which freezes brilliantly or if you cut a cross in the top and sprinkle them with a tiny bit of salt and then put them on a wire mesh tray, then either put them in a very very low oven, or a warm window sill and when they reach a stage where if you squeeze (this takes a long time so the oven is a last resort. (Actually Ian made me a drying cupboard because I also dry mushrooms and grapes etc. )them no juice comes out pack them into sterilised jars, cover them with olive oil and TADA semi dried tomatoes – great for all sorts of things and they keep for ages in the fridge and the oil is tomato flavoured when the fruit has gone.

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