You have permission to kick my butt


Yes, it’s been awhile. But I have an excellent excuse. I’ve started the new book. Well it’s actually the one I started a little while ago, but for whatever reasons it wasn’t coming together then and with Mum passing away it got shelved.

Well now it’s back, and it’s itching to get down on paper. I haven’t been like this since I wrote Charlie and Pearl.

The words are right there, in my mind, already written. I just need to find the time to get them down. Like I said it’s the same story that’s been brewing in my mind for awhile, on the whole, although with a few tweaks here and there. I also changed the POV and now its flowing. Yay me.

I started on the weekend and have so far managed to get down 4500 words, so a long way still to go.

Holly is, of course, still demanding I pay her attention all the day long, so I’m not getting much down during the day. But hubby is being great and as soon as he walks through the door I’m practically shoving her at him (“Here, take her, I don’t want to hear or see either of you for the next two hours“) and I get as much down as I can.

Working title is ‘When Stars Collide’ and my goal is to get it published on Amazon before the end of this year.

I will let you guys know how it’s going often, so if you don’t hear anything from me about it for awhile then feel free to prod me along.

In other news, I’ve dropped the price of Charlie and Pearl to 99c. Have only sold 10 copies this month so thought there’s no harm, see what happens. A little bit of money earned is better than no money surely.

Should hopefully get a tax refund in couple of months, so that will help us out heaps. Money in our account is virtually non-existent. We are surviving week to week, but I know so many people are. It’s a constant source of worry. But I just have to believe that we will be fine.

Ok, Miss Holly is getting grizzly so I must go. Poor bubs has her first cold, so none of us have been getting a lot of sleep. I know it’s all part of childhood though and will help build her immunity.  Here’s the little munchkin bundled up against the cold.

Till next time take care everyone



Mum bought her this hat ♥

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  1. How she’s grown—so lovely! Motherhood becomes you my dear; you sound so happy. Thank you so much for sharing your precious little one with us 😀


    • Aww thanks Dulcinea 🙂 She’s seven months old today! Gone so fast. I adore her so much. She’s pretty much the only thing keeping me sane since mum died 😦 Thanks for still following me!

      • You’re so welcome. Of course I still follow you; I love your sense of humor—I get you! 😀 I understand how you feel; I think God uses our children to bring us His Joy and His Love…

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    • Thanks Mark. I’m mulling over something to add to the new blog. Don’t feel I have anything of value to add at the moment. You all come across so professional and I feel very much an amateur! Will try think of something though

  3. Great to hear that you are writing – I find it a great solace to lose myself in the stories. Lovely picture of Holly with her beautiful smile. Good luck with the book, I’m looking forward to reading about progress. As for money (or rather the lack of it) – well I’ve been where you are and I do understand how it can suck some of the joy out of life but I am sending all good wishes out into the ether for you and your family. Take care.

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