Born and raised in New Zealand, the elder of twins and with an older brother. Growing up I was fascinated with books and large shipwrecks. In my early twenties I spent a year working on Cruise Ships, to my mothers aprehension. I think she actually thought I might wish one to the bottom of the ocean, just to see a shipwreck in process. After that I worked for Club Med resorts (and yes, they are everything you’ve ever heard about them.)

On a brief trip back home I met my (now) husband, and in a fit of “Argh I’m nearly 30!” panic, I decided to stay and see what would happen. He proposed after 2 months and we’ve now been married for almost 8 years.

I’ve always dabbled in writing, and in 2011 I finished a book ‘Charlie and Pearl’ which I uploaded onto the Harper Collins Authonomy website at the end of July 2011. In December 2011 it made the top 5 (out of some 11,000 odd books) earning a coveted medal. I have recently edited it and published it on Amazon Kindle here

My 2012 project was the topic of this blog – ‘The Year of Wonderful Weekends’

Thanks for checking out this blog, and I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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    • Hi Anthonee! So glad you liked it and decided to follow 🙂 Hope everything is going well with you. I have recommended your blog to a few friends, hopefully you’ll get a few more followers out of it. I think they will find you story inspirational.

  1. Hi Tammy, great idea-I will certainly be following your Blog and will be thinking about claimimg my weekends back too. See you at school before long-I hope!!

  2. Tammy! Thaks for your like. I think you have an interesting concept, here, with this blog. And I will try to read your book – just reading the comments about it got me hooked.

    Give by grace, create community, proclaim good news.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! I am learning to be a fiction writer myself, so I really look up to you! I will try to find your book and read it once I have time (am in a study abroad program). I really look forward to wonderful weekends too, since school is quite hard and I have to make the most out of weekends in the big apple! Followed!

  4. I really enjoy reading your blog. I lived in Dunedin a few years ago, and have dreams of starting our own business so we can return there. I just adore New Zealand.

    I look forward to reading more of your adventures!


  5. Hi Tammy, it is funny how we work together and see each other every day, and yet I know have learned WAY more about you after this project! I didn’t know you were a twin! I also didn’t know you and hubby got engaged after two months. I am really enjoying reading your updates, love the sunset picture!

    • Hey beautiful Penny! So glad you stopped by and liked what you saw 🙂 Yep I have a twin. I’m older by six minutes (very important when you’re younger and fighting to be superior).
      How did Friday go? will catch up tomorrow. Don’t want you to go 😦 But super happy for you ♥

  6. Thanks for the “like” on my post yesterday. Looking forward to exploring more of your blog. This Yank has a history of getting along well with Kiwis. Not sure why – just the way it usually goes. Lol

  7. “I think she actually thought I might wish one to the bottom of the ocean, just to see a shipwreck in process”

    Oh no, not you too! Actually I’d never wish a ship to sink, but I am fascinated with shipwrecks and the ships that are still afloat. I’ve even given the the idea of becoming a deck officer on a passenger vessel, some thought. You have a nice blog.

  8. thanks for liking my post for today:) what a fascinating blog idea and experience you have! i tried looking the weekend book up on amazon, and nothing gives a description of it or lets you preview chapters. if you know of an internet location that would let me take a closer look, please pass it on. i could try calling bookstores locally also. it was tragic to read of the author having committed suicide. i have a kindle, so i will browse it for your book also. congratulations many times over on publication:) blessings …

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