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An Eviction


Some of you may remember a few months back when I bought a bird feeder and had visions of becoming the neighbourhood hang out joint for our feathered friends.  I imagined they would flock to our yard and I would become known as the Nigella Lawson equivalent of the bird world.

It was a dismal failure however, and although the birds were more than happy to eat bread from the lawn around the bird feeder, I never saw a single one eat off it 😦 As I am wont to do, I gave up on the whole thing in disgust.

I remember a few of you were helpful enough to point out though that the birds prefer the hot fat/bird seed mix in colder months, and now, ta da, Winter is here. Complete with crunchy frosts and ice filled water bowls (poor dog). So I am going to try again.

Problem – Upon closer inspection I found out the bird feeder has tenants. Eight legged ones in fact. I can’t see the spiders themselves, but judging by the amount of webs all over the place I’m thinking it’s an extended family.

Scarier still is the fact that the food I put there months ago is still there. If nature (and the dog) haven’t managed to get rid of it, then imagine how much the stuff sticks to the poor little birds insides. Eep.

This weekend I will evict the current tenants (with a hose and from a safe distance) and try again. I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

Sometime tonight, in the deep, wee, dark hours of the morning…

Sometime tonight, in the deep, wee, dark hours of the morning…

I’ll be getting up.

OK, maybe 5.00am is just after the deep, wee, dark hours of the morning but it’s still pretty damn early.
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