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My Recipe book and Piroshki (Russian dumplings)


We’re thick in the end of Autumn/early winter. Every summer I remember the bitter cold and shudder, but I forget about the beauty this time of the year brings. The fog, frosts and changing colours; all very beautiful.

Yesterday I enjoyed a lazy Sunday. Lit the fire early and enjoyed being snug in my own little house while the cold wind whistled outside. I finally got around to a job I’ve been meaning to do since Christmas – write in My Recipe Book.

I’d wanted one for ages because I’m forever ripping recipes out of magazines or photocopying them from books at work, and either lose them after the first use or squish them in amongst the books on my cookbook shelf, which looks messy. Last Christmas my mum bought me a wonderful Recipe book and I spent a happy few hours writing the recipes up.

Doing so I was reminded of some of the yummy things I’ve stumbled across over the years, and one of them, Piroshki, I decided to cook last night. Read the rest of this entry